Comiston Farmhouse... Renewed Threat

APPEAL LODGED (after Planning Permission was Refused)


Planning Permission was REFUSED on Wednesday 19 April 2017 (see Home Page)

The instructions below are retained in case they become useful for a subsequent round of commenting.

Planning - How To Comment

Case Reference  Number: 16/02397/FUL
Case Officer: James Allanson (Email:, Tel: 0131 529 3946)

How to Comment

  1. It is NOT possible to file a comment via our website. Please read on...
  2. It's advisable to read CEC's Guide to commenting on a planning application (PDF, 140.5KB)
  3. Choose which way to make your comment: (A) online, (B) by email, or (C) on paper:
Whichever way you choose, you must include:
• the date
• your name and address
• the reference number of the application [16/02397/FUL]
• the name and/or address of the site [Comiston Farmhouse, 83 Pentland View, Edinburgh EH10 6PT]

Add your email address, and ask to be notified of changes. Mail your letter using a signed-for method, then track it online to prove it has arrived (or if hand-delivered, get a receipt from reception).


(A) Online/CEC Planning Portal: Click the link at the top of this page (or, go to CEC's portal at View and Comment on Planning Applications, follow the link to the search page, then use the Reference Number 16/02397/FUL of the application (or "83 Pentland View")  to find it). Click on the "Comments" tab and continue from there. [Note: It seems the online method can only accept plain text (as much as you like apparently), and you can't add attachments (electronic files such as pictures). And a WARNING... YOU GET LOGGED OUT AFTER 20 MINUTES so it may be advisable to type your text into a word processor or a blank email (where you can "save" it) and then paste it into the box. Some people have spent much time writing only to find their text fails to be submitted when the button is clicked. If "online" is not suitable for you, use email or the paper method...]

(B) By Email: Prepare your email and any attachments (include the same reference information as for a paper application... see below). Email them to: James Allanson Ensure that you receive an acknowledgement.

(C) On Paper: You can post (or hand-deliver your letter) to:

Head of Planning and Transport, PLACE, Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh EH8 8BG.
In all cases:

Remember, for maximum effect, make comments based on relevant planning issues (called "material considerations"), which include:      
• traffic and parking 
• density (4 times that of surrounding "low density residential area") 
• appearance of the area 
• impact on a conservation area 
• setting or character of a listed building 
• loss of significant landscape features 
• noise and disturbance 
• effect of cooking odours 
• loss of sunlight or daylight 
• overshadowing 
• privacy.

Comments on the following WILL BE IGNORED (have no effect one way or the other):     loss of private view • effect of the development on property values • building regulation matters • racist remarks (or similar, which may be reported to the police).

Comments are not confidential, so please write them as if they will become public (we believe on the "Comments" tab of the application's Portal page).

CEC's Planning Helpdesk (Mon-Fri 9am – 1pm): Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh EH8 8BG.
Email:   Tel: 0131 529 3550


Call the Case Officer assigned to the application, James Allanson: 0131 529 3946.

Listing a building

Around 6 residents lodged applications to have the farmhouse "Listed". We received news on 31 May 2016 that Historic Environment Scotland will NOT grant it Listed status (see Decision documents on Historic Environment Scotland's website HERE).  Anyone interested in seeing what was involved can visit this Historic Scotland page to see what is/was involved. If anyone can think of additional material information that could form the basis for an Appeal, please get in touch.