Comiston Farmhouse... Securing the Future

Farmhouse now for sale on residential property market.

Ideas and other contributions please

Please use the "Comment" feature to contribute any ideas here.

Ideas: We have quite a few but have not had time to list them yet, since the most urgent action is the effort to have the farmhouse listed.

Photographs: We have taken our own photographs lately... but do you have any historic pictures?

History of the house or any personal recollections?


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Thanks, Nicola, that sounds like an excellent use of the farmhouse. The planning application will be lodged soon, I expect, so when it's published if you'd like to visit the CEC Planning Portal online to find out how to make a "comment" (i.e. objection) based on your idea, that would add a voice to the campaign and put forward an idea personal to you and rather practical.


Hi there I work in the oxgangs area with a project called oxgangs sure start we help children and families along with health visitors etc I think that this would be a great building for all professionals and groups that work with children in the surrounding area to all work together to insure all children get the best start in life .and also keep a very well know building alive .


Thanks for making this point, John. The visual impact is accentuated by the fact that the blocks would occupy the current garden, which juts out into the "corridor" of Cockmylane... meaning that, from the north in particular, they'd be starkly visible while walking south up that path towards the backdrop of the Pentlands. (It’s a great shame that a priority to retain the green corridor of Cockmylane as far as is possible isn’t on anyone’s agenda apparently.) Admittedly, the 1960s blocks in which I live are no doubt already an eyesore to many, understandably… but they were built in the hollow of Pentland Drive at least. The roof height of the proposed blocks is supposed to be 2m higher than the current height of the top of the pitched roof of the farmhouse, which, although not as high as the Pentland Drive blocks, is very nearly so, and more visible, as you say, because they’d be on a local high (which is presumably why the farmhouse was built there in the first place).

As for the impact on the roads, we should also remember that the "Hunter's Tryst School" site just round the corner on Oxgangs Green, is also being sold by the Council, and if the same density is achieved there as is proposed for the Comiston Farmhouse site, there would be another 133 dwellings appearing at more or less the same time. The density, by the way, is four times the average density of the surrounding houses in Oxgangs, “springs” area, Camus, etc, and twice that of the Pentland Drive blocks. These two sites, at one fell swoop, add 22% more population to the area I’ve measured… adding that much more “need” to the services of all kinds nearby (schools, traffic, parking, dentists, doctors, police, fire-service, etc.). Pentland Primary has just had 3 new classrooms, which allowed them to return pupils to classrooms rather than using non-classrooms for teaching (of course, the new rooms are now being occupied by the Firrhill pupils whose school is unsafe until further notice). I understand that Buckstone primary is now over-subscribed owing to the effects of the 283-odd-house development at Fairmilehead.

Where is the joined-up thinking?


It is vital to have regard to the fact that this site is on a
Geographic High Point.

Thus the impact of a large multi-storey conglomerate will be rendered much more
severe and will affect large numbers of people over a very wide area of picturesque Edinburgh.

Who will ever forget the appalling eyesore that the inappropriate Oxgangs high-rise blocks presented and it must be noted that these were built on a
Topgraphical Low Point.

It should also be called into question whether
the residential road network which connects this
site to the various main roads can safely
absorb the additional traffic to be anticipated.


Many thanks for the parallel maps. Do you know the date of the old one?Today I got a copy of 'Historic South Edinburgh' (Charles J Smith). from p 339: lands of Comiston Farm once extended to 190acres, mainly to oats, barley, potatoes, turnips. At one time, 4 pairs of Clydesdale horses employed.. pathway [Cockmylane] bypasses farmhouse... on the right were byres and dairy [just north of the farmhouse, as on some pics, and towards Oxgangs Green] then 'a few yards beyond, rounding the wall on the left, was the fine south-facing walled garden of Comiston House. 'A wonderfully productive garden' worked by professional gardener from Morningside until 1946. Now largely turfed over'.... and site of [1960s] flats So that explains the big square south of the farmhouse on the old map.

Does anyone have a copy of James Stuart's 'Notes for a history of Colinton Parish'? From it Smith p352 reproduces a 'Plan of the Lands of Dreghorn Oxgangs Comiston and Swanston'. I'd love to see that in large format...... and to know its date?