Comiston Farmhouse... Renewed Threat

APPEAL LODGED (after Planning Permission was Refused)

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10 February 2017

PLEASE, if you commented before, do so again. Visit the ACTION PAGE to remind yourself how to do it. Thank you.

It would seem to any onlooker that the Council has pre-empted the likely Development Management Sub-Committee decision by secretly telling the developer, Chamberlain Bell, that their pl…

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2017: Comiston Farmhouse - NEW THREAT for the New year

11 January 2017

Chamberlain Bell, the developer, has asked the "Housing Revenue Account" dept of the Council to sell to them a small triangle of land located between the wall of the Farmhouse and the road (see mock-up below). This is peculiar behaviour of the Council; early in the sale process Chamberlain Bell aske…

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CEC Planning Portal down for 6 days, now up again.

30 June 2016

ANOTHER UPDATE: Deadline extended to 11 July 2016. 

UPDATE, late on Sunday 3 July 2016: It's been down again over the weekend... keep an eye on it, or use email to object (see Action page).

CEC's Planning Portal (and a host of other Council I.T. services) have been unavailable for 6 days. Toni…

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Evening News Publishes Comiston Farmhouse Story

17 June 2016

Read the the Evening News reporter Alistair Grant's article about Comiston Farmhouse. There's a "Comment" facility on that page if you wish to add anything (though you will need to register first).


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"Before & After" views of the proposed development.

12 June 2016

Several mock-up photos showing "before & after" views have been posted on the website (Home Page). They demonstrate clearly how dangerous the road junction would be and how inappropriate a development of this type would be for this area. Do take a look.

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Planning Application

16 April 2016

The Planning Application is published. Deadline for comments is Friday 1 July 2016. Case Reference  Number: 16/02397/FUL. Case Reference officer is James Allanson. Click HERE to go to the application on CEC's Planning Portal. Look at our "Action" page for help.

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