Comiston Farmhouse... Securing the Future

CEC now drawing up missives; awaiting planning application...

2017: Comiston Farmhouse - NEW THREAT for the New year

Chamberlain Bell, the developer, has asked the "Housing Revenue Account" dept of the Council to sell to them a small triangle of land located between the wall of the Farmhouse and the road (see mock-up below). This is peculiar behaviour of the Council; early in the sale process Chamberlain Bell asked for permission (around March 2016, more than 9 months ago) to have access across this land, but were refused. If there was no intention to sell then, what has changed the Council's mind? Has Chamberlain Bell been given advance warning that their planning application is to be recommended for refusal based on the submitted access road layout, and if so, is such advance warning fair/permitted before the application's even been submitted to the Development Management Sub-Committee? Why isn't the existing application being considered on its merits? Wouldn't the other bidders for the site wish to have had the same opportunity to bid for this piece of land? What "incentive" has been offered to start the HRA dept down the road to selling this land? There are many more questions to be answered...

Before the HRA land can be sold, it must be deemed "surplus to requirements".  That requires assessment of the current use of the land, and its amenity value to the community. A letter [Click Here] from the Council has been sent to a few dozen residents nearby (arriving around January 14). The closing date for responses is Thursday 2 February 2017. Comments can be made by anyone by emailing; or writing to Mr Mark Borthwick, Housing Development Officer, Place, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh EH8 8BG.

If you can suggest any help/action, please get in touch. Thanks.


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