Comiston Farmhouse... Securing the Future

Farmhouse to be sold on the residential property market.

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News as at 25 April 2018

In the autumn of 2017 Edinburgh Council asked a Registered Social Landlord (RSL) to assess the site for development (with retention of the farmhouse) for social or affordable housing. However, around March 2018, after due consideration, the RSL decided that the site was unsuitable for its purposes.

Residents had a meeting on 18 April with Council members from the Estates Dept and were told that CFH would now be sold as a house on the residential property market via an estate agent. Particulars will be drawn up soon.

(For history of the farmhouse see "Farmhouse History". 
For history of the planning and appeals process see "Website Archive".)

Comiston FarmHouse Today... 

150 years old, in perfect condition, boarded up and peaceful...

The general consensus among residents is that the house should be retained, along with the 2 cedar and 3 lime trees (now protected by TPOs) with, if necessary, some appropriate and sensitive development approved as well.

An Interesting Old-and-New Side-by-Side View

The l.h.s. is the Ordnance Survey 1:1,250 (1944-1963) Edinburgh map. Click THIS LINK to take you to the site, and there you can change the l.h.s. map to various other maps to see what the plot looked like at different times in the past.

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